Are there Optimal EFT Workshops available?

Gary Craig, EFT Founder Conducts all Webinar workshops

Gary Craig, EFT Founder
Conducts all Webinar workshops

Yes.  They are free, frequent and conducted personally by me (Gary Craig) via free Webinars.  You don't need to leave your home or spend money to be always upgraded to the latest revisions.  You can even attend them with a tablet or cell phone.  You will find announcements and details for our free Webinars below and on our free newsletter

Webinar Announcement

Webinars temporarily paused.  I am pausing our Webinars for the foreseeable future. I need to focus on a major Optimal EFT project that will take several months to complete. Our newsletters, however, will continue.


Here's how to get the most from our Webinars:

  1. First, practice the materials on The Optimal EFT Menu at your own pace.  This is like attending a class where everyone has an identical exposure to the method from the source.  No concerns about getting a diluted version.
  2. Then, when you are ready, ask your questions on one or more of our free Webinars.  Attend as often as you like to enhance your skills.  You will be connected with people from around the world and will learn how to apply Optimal EFT for a wide variety of issues, including challenging cases, group work, surrogate work and an endless list of how-to's.

Is there an Optimal EFT Certification available?

No.  However, if you are looking to publicly align yourself with this procedure, you can use this phrase: 

"Student of Gary Craig's Optimal EFT instruction
(be sure to include the active link).  

The above is not an official Certification but it will serve the needs of many.  Please do not use this phrase UNLESS you truly are an active student and have read the material, done the practices, etc..  Otherwise, you will be misleading the public.

Official Certification in this highly spiritual process would amount to me endorsing how well you communicate with God.  Unfortunately, I do not have the skill (or authority) to do so.  Thus, in this exceedingly personal achievement, there is no "certifiable level" just as there is no limit to the healing heights you can reach with it.

This process is basically you and I working together to "remove the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence."  As we do so, the elevated "pleasance of our presence" affects everyone around us, including any clients we may have.  Everyone benefits in very tangible ways.  Accordingly, our reward here cannot be reduced to a piece of paper.  Rather, it comes from the personal peace (and healing) we develop for ourselves and others.

Also, if you are a healing professional, your advanced Optimal EFT skills will bring you far more repeat and referral business from your satisfied clients than you will ever get from all the Certifications on the planet combined.

e-hugs, Gary

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