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Note:  The following assumes you are familiar with everything in the Refinements section of our Menu page.

While every human issue has, at its core, the same cause (the belief in separation) the details and approaches vary widely from person to person.  Some people resist anything spiritual and so the Gold Standard (tapping) form of EFT may be most suitable for them.  For others, simply aiming Optimal EFT at the symptom(s) or, perhaps one or two Specific Events will get the job done.  In other cases, The Guard at the Gate is hiding so much that we must bring out all the refinements and dig deeply into the details.

In every case, we must use in-depth testing to be sure our results are complete.  Otherwise, we may be leaving too much on the table and thus cheating ourselves and/or our clients out of all this process has to offer.

You will find a rich collection of examples of how I deliver Optimal EFT in the Self-Help Sessions on our blog.  I urge you to study them in detail.

Although no two clients are the same, there is a general two-step approach that is often in the background of my mind.  I vary it greatly to suit the client, of course, but thought you might find the pattern useful.

  • I invite The Unseen Therapist in to resolve either the physical symptom/description  (e.g. sinus issues, pain, discomforts, etc.) or the globally stated issue (e.g. "I'm not good enough," "I'm not lovable," "I'm easily rejected," etc.).  Sometimes this is all that is necessary and the job is complete.  HOWEVER, thorough testing is necessary to make sure that important details are not being hidden by The Guard at the Gate.
  • If the above approach is inadequate, I draw upon the tools in the Refinements section to break down the issue into the Specific Events, Aspects and other details.  I thoroughly test each piece of the issue, of course, to make sure I put as much on the table as I can for The Unseen Therapist's skill.

Hope this helps.

e-Hugs, Gary

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