Radiating Love

A major Optimal EFT tool for removing the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence.

This video series deserves your study and re-study as well as your practice and re-practice.  It coaches you on expanding Love within yourself and, eventually, radiating it to everyone ... even to those you don't like.  Along the way, your individual blocks to the awareness of Love's presence become evident.  These blocks, of course, are what you are looking for and, once they show up, can be reduced or eliminated through EFT.  The more blocks we address, the fewer we have left and the more dominant becomes Love's presence within us.

The process is simple to understand but takes diligence and thoroughness for best results.  While generalized or surface forms of EFT can help get blocks out of the way temporarily, an in-depth use of EFT (Optimal or Gold Standard) is necessary to remove the bigger issues.  Important note: This video was done in the very early stages of Optimal EFT and uses The Gold Standard EFT (tapping) method to "remove the blocks to the awareness of Love's Presence."  This was done as a useful bridge between the tapping and non-tapping methods.  You can gain results with either form.

I demonstrate this procedure via three videos with Claudia, our volunteer.  As you will see, I also circulate through the audience and explore the members' various blocks and solutions that arise from this process.  This should give you a diversity of possibilities for yourself.  I am also including, at the end, a follow-up video with Claudia.  Note how she emphasizes the ability of the Radiating Love process to help locate core issues.  Very important feature.

At first, though, I set the stage by having a conversation about Love with Beryl, an audience member.  Here we explore Love as we understand it in this Sensory World and contrast that with ideas from A Course In Miracles and Optimal EFT.  This becomes a practical lead-in to the Radiating Love method.

e-hugs, Gary

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