The Personal Peace Procedure

It's common sense ... powerful ... and anyone can do it.

Personal Peace

Personal Peace

Just make a list of all the bothersome Specific Events in your life and let The Unseen Therapist systematically collapse them with Optimal EFT.  Do 2 or 3 Specific Events per day and, after 30 days, you will have removed the negative burdens (anger, grief, guilt, fear, etc.) from 60 to 90 events and moved yourself closer to the ultimate form of healing ... True Forgiveness.  Continue this as a daily habit and it won't be long before you will have difficulty finding any bothersome event worthy of your list.

As you eliminate the emotional baggage from your Specific Events you will, of course, have less and less internal conflict for your system to deal with. Less internal conflict translates into a higher level of personal peace and less emotional and physical suffering. For many, this procedure may result in the complete cessation of lifelong issues that other methods have not touched. How's that for peace in a paragraph?

Here are the details

1.  Make a list of every bothersome Specific Event you can remember, using the criteria put forth in the Specific Event description, namely:

  • It is a short “movie” from the past, preferably at least a few years ago (childhood events are usually best).
  • You are able to give it a title, like “the time when…”
  • 1-3 minutes long at the time it happened.
  • Contains at least 1 emotional crescendo (best to reduce it to just 1 crescendo).
  • Has a beginning, an end, a plot and characters.
  • Note: You should be able to find at least 50 events.  Many people will find hundreds.

2.  Beside each movie title, rate the intensity of each event from 0-10. Examples:

  • The time when Dad hit me in the kitchen (8)
  • The time when I stole Suzie's sandwich (5)
  • The time when I almost slipped and fell into the Grand Canyon (7)
  • The time when my third grade class ridiculed me when I gave that speech (8)
  • The time when Mom locked me in a closet (7)
  • The time when Mrs. Adams told me I was stupid (6)

3.  After the most intense events have been neutralized, cross them off the list and look for the next most intense ones. You may notice additional events coming to mind as you proceed. Add those to the list and address them accordingly.

4.  After every 5 events or so, go back through your list and re-evaluate the intensity ratings for each item. As the Generalization Effect kicks in, you will see that the events you haven’t even addressed yet are likely to become less and less intense.

5.  Most people will start to feel significantly better after addressing a few dozen events, but even if you have more and it takes a year or two to find freedom from the emotional or physical limits you struggle with today, isn’t that worth the effort?  And here’s a bonus - if you can do all of this work on your own then you get to achieve that freedom for free.


  • If you cannot get a 0-10 intensity level on a particular event then assume you are repressing it and apply 10 full rounds of EFT on it from every angle you can think of. This gives you a high possibility for resolving it.
  • While making your list you may find that some events don't seem to cause you any current discomfort. That's OK. Address them anyway. The mere fact that you remember them suggests a need for resolution.


  • If your history includes long term abuse or highly traumatic events, you may find that listing them all causes you additional distress. If this is the case, then make a shorter list, maybe 5 at a time, of events with lower intensity, and get to the others when you feel more comfortable.  In addition, consider getting help from a properly trained professional who can manage your distress along the way.
  • If you are taking medications, you may feel the need to discontinue them. Please do so ONLY under a qualified physician’s advice.

e-hugs, Gary

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