A Peek at the Possibilities

Optimal EFT is a blend of EFT with distance healing, quantum physics and a spiritually oriented Unseen Therapist whose abilities and wisdom are far beyond those of human therapists.  Unlike previous versions of EFT, no tapping is required.  More on this later.  But first, below are a few video examples from my early explorations with Optimal EFT.  They provide an impressive peek at the healing possibilities that await you.

Carrie's body begins to move as in-depth healing begins

In this brief slice from an Optimal EFT session, I am assisting Carrie with a physical issue that she described as "having a fist in her intestines."  We had previously worked on this stubborn issue with the tapping form of EFT and made only gradual progress.  Something was missing in our approach because I wasn't finding the core after many, many sessions.

As you will see, we both closed our eyes to "do our thing" which means we brought in "The Unseen Therapist" (a spiritual intelligence) to do her job.  After about 20 seconds you will see Carrie's body moving involuntarily as healing commences.


Since establishing EFT in 1995, I had never seen this before.  This level of healing now becomes possible with Optimal EFT.


Optimal EFT assists an entire group thousands of miles away

During this video I'm in California addressing a group of EFT'ers in New York.  I ask them to identify their individual physical discomforts and rate, to themselves, their intensities on a 0-10 scale.  I then close my eyes and apply a beginner's form of Optimal EFT.  Note that 65% gain noticeable improvements.  No tapping whatsoever and no knowledge on my part as to anyone's discomforts.  This points to possibilities far beyond any man-made healing methods ... including medicine and Gold Standard EFT.




Gabi got over her back pain in moments with a form of Optimal EFT known as Conversational EFT

In this brief video I assist Gabi with a significant back pain over a 10,000 mile distance (she lives in New Zealand) and do so via what appears to be simple conversation.  Behind the scenes, however, I am mentally performing Optimal EFT.  Again, no tapping whatsoever.  It takes practice to achieve these results but, once mastered, this extraordinary result can vastly simplify the delivery of quality healing worldwide.  





Suzy's physical pains subside after doing Optimal EFT for her son

Suzy and I used Optimal EFT, in a surrogate manner, for some of her son's physical ailments.  Prior to this effort, however, I asked Suzy for a list of her personal ailments.  As you will see her own ailments were substantially improved even though our effort was for her son, not her.   This is more impressive evidence that, spiritually, we are all One and throws open the door to vast planetary healing.





Claudia's pneumonia disappears after 4 minutes of Optimal EFT

Claudia had a severe case of pneumonia which medical interventions and the tapping form of EFT had reduced to a level of 4 on a 0-10 point scale.  But it leveled out there and her symptoms persisted.  As we discuss,  after 4 minutes of Optimal EFT all symptoms vanished and, two months later, there are still no signs of pneumonia.  This healing efficiency points to major advantages of Optimal EFT over EFT tapping.


e-hugs, Gary

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