Intro to the Lessons - an important bridge

    Love is our ultimate goal

    Love is our ultimate goal

Now here's a bridge leading from the Foundational Intro to the step-by-step Lessons and Refinements that follow.

  • Love is our ultimate goal and the real healer in this process is The Unseen Therapist (not the traditional human therapist).  Her main goal is to correct the belief in separation for both therapist and patient ... even if the patient is also acting as his/her own therapist.  Why?  Because this is the ultimate cause beneath all symptoms.  As we have seen repeatedly, the separated world we appear to see is an illusion.  It doesn't exist, despite what our senses convincingly tell us 24/7.  It is an outer projection of an inner state.  There is no out there, out there.
    • This correction is a step-by-step process and The Unseen Therapist is limited by the Guard at the Gate of both the human therapist and the patient.  Without the resistance of the Guard at the Gate (our egos), the ultimate healing of the Oneness state would have taken over long ago and complete healing would have come to everyone.
    • Thus The Unseen Therapist cannot go beyond the readiness (Guard at the Gate) of either the patient or the therapist. This limitation exists in all man-made therapies including medicine, hypnotherapy, EFT and the like.
  • This brings about some important features of Optimal EFT.
    • The therapists' role changes from being one of "dispensers of wisdom and healing" to that of guides and channels to allow The Unseen Therapist to enter in and take charge of the healing process.  The more skillfully the therapists have dealt with their individual Guard at the Gate,  the more effective they will be in assisting patients along the same path.
    • When Optimal EFT is properly done, both therapist and patient must benefit.  They are, in fact, one with each other and thus their various issues act as mirrors to one another.  For example, both parties deal with their own versions of fear, guilt, anger and the like.  The details are different, of course, but the underlying problems are parallel.  Thus each needs to move toward True Forgiveness, the ultimate solution to all issues, and THAT is the purpose of The Unseen Therapist.
    • As a practical matter, we need "proof" that this process is working.  Typically, we aren't willing to just "have faith" that everything is progressing behind the scenes.  That's why I have injected many of the tools from Gold Standard EFT into the Optimal EFT process.  You will find them in the Refinements and related articles that permeate this website.  They offer ways to measure our results in terms that make sense to us within The Dream we are experiencing.

Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

e-hugs, Gary

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