Optimal EFT Practice Groups

Here is where you can meet others who are interested in practicing their skills and helping one another.  The list below contains those who would like to team up with others and is a great starting place to contact each other and form your own groups.

Important:  To be on this list, it is assumed that you are already familiar with the Optimal EFT process as presented on this page.  These groups are designed to expand your skills rather than teach them to you from the beginning.  Also, these are private groups and are not to be used for any commercial purposes, including being sponsored by associations or other organizations.

If you wish to be added to or removed from the list below just let me know here.

Jim Arachne,  Australia,  email
Per Larse,  Denmark  email
Amber Brooks,  Chicago, USA, email
Linda Corvec,  Canada,  email  
Helen Driscoll, Los Angeles, USA,  email
Juliana Joldersma,  Nevada,  USA,  email
Therese Squillacote,  Whittier, CA, USA,  email
Rosiland Roemer,  Texas,  USA,  email
Anne Bancroft-Parvin,  Arizona,  USA,  email
Aparna Natarajan,  Colorado, USA,  email
Richard James,  North Carolina,  USA,  email
Sarah Gersten,  San Diego, CA, USA,  email
Diane Xuereb,  The Netherlands,  email
Kolua Seiko,  Southern California, USA,  email
Taye Bela Corby,  Northern California, USA,  email
Rahman Kahn, India,  email
Lorraine Edey,  Florida, USA,  email
Elizabeth Gelhard, United Kingdom,  email
Kolua Seiko,  California, USA  email
Yossi Shavit,  New Jersey, USA  email
Cathy Dixon,  United Kingdom  email
Lynne Gibbons,  Port Dover,  Canada  email
Valerie Cloud,  Atlanta, Georgia  email
Geoffrey Moss,  Victoria, Australia  email
Joy Meehan, Chicago, Illinois  email
Gary Gilman,  Buffalo, New York  email
Necie Edwards,  Illinois,  email
Jennifer Chase,  Colorado  email
Regina Peres,  Brazil  email
Susannah Acworth,  United Kingdom  email
Michael Jackiewicz,  Texas, wishes to be a host  email
Hanneke Willemse, The Netherlands,  email
Dianne Jain,  Australia,  email
Mark Robinson,  Australia,  email
Sumiharso Sutowijoyo,  Indonesia,  email
Nilu Fernandopull,  Sri Lanka,  email
Don Milton,  Alabama,  email
Samuel Hartman,  New Zealand,  email
Roz miles,  United Kingdom  email
Diana Ruiz,  State of Washington,  email
Hugo Alberto Lujan Chavez,  United Kingdom  email
Dean King,  Los Angeles, California  email
Shelley Flemning,  Oregon,  email
Turid Torbergsen,  Norway  email
Carol McPherson,  Texas,  email
Anne-Laure Le Gueve,  France,  email
Dani Crinklaw,  Wisconsin,  email
Joan Foreman,  Canada,  email
Yunus Mohamed, South Africa,  email
Phoenix Morgaine,  Texas  email
Lucy Pole,  Italy,  email
Juan Solorio,  California,  email
Frode Steinset,  Norway,  email
Pavithra S, India,  email
Nigel Burgan,  United Kingdom,  email
Iwona Sinha,  Texas,  email
Jamila Bessaih, Paris, France,  email
Rick Leiser,  Florida,  email
Brigid Greene,  Missouri,  email
Gabriel Leon,  Puebla, Mexicoemail
Louise Courtney,  Ireland,  email
Johanna Olivares,  Chile (multi-lingual)  email
Chris Burgess,  United Kingdom,  email
Rhonda Robinson,  Maryland,  email
Darby Miller,  Pennsylvania,  email
Jacqueline Froehle, Chicago, email
Mary Anne Loehr,  Indianapolis,  email
Homa Afsousi, United Kingdom,  email
Cindy Beers, Pennsylvania,  email
Sue Lingle, Washington State, email
Haley Staples, California,  email
Annette Chester, United Kingdom,  email
jaka Abdurrachman,  Indonesia,  email

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