Gary Craig, EFT Founder

Gary Craig, EFT Founder

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"Optimal EFT isn't something you buy.  It's something you share." Gary Craig


Complete instruction in Optimal EFT

Together with my free Webinars/Workshops, this page provides complete instruction from the source.  It includes everything from the Basic Lessons through all the Refinements and other expansions.  Follow it step-by-step, practice at your own pace and ask your questions as they occur.  I am here to guide you. "We go together, you and I."

Legal Note

Before proceeding, please read "The Legal Stuff" and "The Optimal EFT Trademark" in the footnote below.  

1.  A Peek at the Possibilities

Click here for video glimpses of the unlimited Optimal EFT Possibilities.

2.  Foundational Intro

Below are links to a series of articles and videos that give you the foundational concepts that underlie this process.  They are referenced often in the "Step-by-Step Lessons" on this page and elsewhere so please spend some quality time with them.  For best results, view them in order and digest them thoroughly.  Racing through them will likely cost you more time in the long run.

3.  Spiritual Experiences

These Skype videos show a fascinating cross-section of people who have had Spiritual Experiences such as my Revelation.  Together, they provide persuasive evidence of the Love that underlies us all.  They reflect the home of The Unseen Therapist and represent our ultimate goal.  As you will see, in this state all healing is possible.



4.  Step-by-Step Lessons

These lessons will take you step-by-step through the basics of the process.  They assume you have thoroughly digested the Foundational Intro on this page.  Please consult physicians on all medical issues.

5.  Refinements

These tools will save you time and add depth to your Optimal EFT sessions.  Most are taken directly from our Gold Standard EFT materials and assist you in putting the details of challenging issues “on the table” so that The Guard at the Gate is less likely to hide them from The Unseen Therapist.

6.  Expand Your Skills With Our Blog

A treasure chest of articles, examples, philosophy, concepts, case histories, recorded Webinars, and the like.  Go to Blog

7.  More Help

8. Donate (Voluntary)

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